My mission is …

To help small business owners run their business rather than their business running them(!) so they can live life as they want, as they dreamed. 

My formula is …

Take Control

In order for you to take control of your business firstly you need to know what you’re aiming for, what’s the dream?  Running a business isn’t easy but if you know what the goal is, you always have something to aim for!  Next you need to find out where you are – what are you spending your time on, for example – then work out the route to your destination.


Once you have your processes and know what’s being done in your business the key to freedom is automating what you can.  This will not only give you more time back to do the things you really want to spend your time doing, but it will maintain consistency as computers and  systems are good at doing things the same way every time.


Don’t look this word up in the dictionary, I don’t think you’ll find it, but most people instinctively understand it.  Every business has processes, whether or not they’re formalised and repeatable makes a huge difference to the control you have in your business.  It’s not an easy task but processorising your business is key.


Some things just need the human touch and aren’t suitable for automation but it doesn’t always need to be you who does it, so this is where you need to learn the art of letting someone else do stuff – but with all the processes you have developed this will be much easier than you might expect.


Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and my business.

Since I started work at age 17 I have worked in administration. I have experienced the office environment from the bottom up, starting as an Office Junior, becoming a secretary and PA, then an Office Manager and finally a Conference Manager, before starting my own business as a Virtual PA in my mid-30’s.

I have worked both in the private and public sector as an employee and in a wide range of businesses since working for myself so I can pull ideas from across sectors and industries.

Organising is one of my great skills, logic is the key to how I work and software is the focus of my “shiny new object syndrome”.

All of these are pulled together when I help other small business owners to improve the efficiency of their business systems and processes so that they can reduce the time they spend on paperwork and reduce the stress and chaos of the least favourite part of everyone’s business.

My challenge has been finding the best way to help business owners. 

The core of my business from day 1 has been providing hands on help through my team of Virtual Assistants but the more I worked with businesses the more I realised that many of them needed help before they got to the stage of taking on help as they didn’t have the systems and processes in place to effectively delegate tasks to other people.

So my consultancy business was born and “processorising” became a word.  However, going into businesses and getting them ‘set up’ hasn’t always had the results I would have hoped for.  When things are done for you and presented as a completed package there isn’t the same buy-in or ownership. 

Being a key part of the development of new things is the best way to ensure understanding, ownership and implementation and so I have taken a break from the consultancy to develop a better way to share my knowledge, experience and skills with other small business owners so that they can fully engage with the process of developing their business and claim it as their own.

I am excited to be launching ‘The Office Fixer’s Toolbox’. Imagine a toolbox with lots of compartments holding lots of different tools to do a whole range of jobs – that’s what I’m creating, virtually of course. And obviously this will be a tidy and organised toolbox so you can easily find the right tool for the job!  It will also come with help and support.

To be the first to find out about the launch details and receive the special launch package, join the VIP list here.


Please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

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