“Sarah makes streamlining your company’s procedures extremely simple and effective. She helps you break down all the complex systems you have organically grown in your company into manageable chunks to work out an easy to follow manual for your company.

I would highly recommend any growing company to have Sarah’s help to make sure your business has the processes it needs to flourish effectively.”

Tracy Irwin

TI Payroll and Accounting

When I met Sarah it was like a revelation.  She mapped out and documented, not only all the processes, but all the instructions behind every process, and she pulled together all the templates that we needed for all our different communications.

And what it’s meant to our business is that now everybody either knows exactly what to do for any given situation, or else can find out really easily.

It means that we are making many, many, many less mistakes than we ever used to do, because everyone knows what they are doing.

So the quality of service that our customers get has improved and my staff are less stressed.

Nigel Botterill

Entrepreneurs Circle

“I can’t believe that there was this awesome product out there … interactive, versatile and efficient!

Being introduced to Trello by Sarah, and the support she has given me in implementing Trello in my business has simplified the way I do things. 

It now has process and accountability and I won’t be forgetting any vital elements that makes my business work well.

I have now recommend Trello and Sarah to several of my clients so they can improve the way their business is run too.”

Karl Anscombe


“I’m finding this exercise really good for ‘untangling’ my current situation and bringing clarity for the road ahead and I’m looking forward to doing more of it. 

Thanks so much!”


Richard Pollock

Tailor Spray

“Working with Sarah has been a pleasure.  She has worked with us to ensure that our workshop process is now fully automated with everything happening just the way it should! 

I am more than happy to recommend Sarah, aka The Office Fixer!”

Lisa Walker

White Apple Thinking

It was so beneficial to be able to see everything clearly mapped out … Working to the agreed process with the new clients enabled much smoother progress than previously, with more clarity as to individual employee responsibilities.


Bob Snowzell

Internet Marketing Consultant

Before I took Trello on I was a little bit all over the place but since I’ve had Trello every part of my business has been systemised and now I never miss a deadline!

Watch Gary’s video for his full testimonial


Gary Fullwood

Gary Fullwood Designed Living

Using Trello has massively improved our way of working – we have now gone paperless and feel in complete control of our client’s needs for their dream bathroom or kitchen.

It’s easy to see where the client is in the journey at any point and because the whole team use it in anyone’s absence we can easily see what has happened to date becasue everything is in one place.


Gary Fullwood Designed Living

Email conversation:

ANDREW: “Thank you for the [anniversary] card. I continue to be amazed by just how ‘on it’ you are.”

SARAH: “Thanks Andrew. It’s the systems and processes.”

ANDREW: “That’s what’s so impressive, you’re an inspiration!”


Andrew Laws

Andrew Laws Associates Ltd

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