The Office Fixer’s Toolbox

For small  business owners who want to take control of their business 

If paperwork, organisation, systems and processes aren’t your thing, trying to get these set-up in your business can feel daunting and can become something that is easier to put off than tackle alone.

It’s easier to keep battling on, spending extra hours to keep on top of things, rather than try to work out which system will make life easier if only you knew how to work it.

Imagine how much easier it would be to create order out of the paperwork nightmare if you had someone with over 30 years experience of office work to help, advise and guide you!

That’s exactly what I’m offering with The Office Toolbox.

You will get:


A structured journey through a library of classes on software, tools and techniques to help you organise your office.


Live monthly Toolbox Talk which will focus on 1 class or group of classes in detail


Live Monthly Goal Planning session to ensure that you keep the momentum going with the development of your office and business systems.


Monthly book or software review.


Private online community where you can network and get the support of other like-minded business owners who are going through the same things as you.

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The Office Toolbox is still in development but it is being designed to enable me to help as many people as possible develop their business in a way that makes it sustainable and scaleable.  

In my experience going into a business as a consultant is not only expensive for the client but often ineffective as they don’t have full ownership of the processes that are developed and therefore  they don’t follow through with them after I’ve left. 

My best results have been when I’ve worked with people who are fully involved in developing the systems and processes so they understand them, own them and really integrate them into their day-to-day work.

The Office Toolbox will allow me to work with business owners, giving them help and advise and supporting them in creating their new office and business systems that they fully own.

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“Sarah makes streamlining your company’s procedures extremely simple and effective. She helps you break down all the complex systems you have organically grown in your company into manageable chunks to work out an easy to follow manual for your company.

I would highly recommend any growing company to have Sarah’s help to make sure your business has the processes it needs to flourish effectively.”

Tracy Irwin

TI Payroll and Accounting

“Working with Sarah has been a pleasure.  She has worked with us to ensure that our workshop process is now fully automated with everything happening just the way it should! 

I am more than happy to recommend Sarah, aka The Office Fixer!”

Lisa Walker

White Apple Thinking

“I’m finding this exercise really good for ‘untangling’ my current situation and bringing clarity for the road ahead and I’m looking forward to doing more of it. 

Thanks so much!”

Richard Pollock

Tailor Spray

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